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Murray PHN has recently comissioned APMHA to deliver Mental Health Services that align with the new National Mental Health Reform. These services will be available in the local government areas listed below and will focus on a stepped, needs-based primary mental health care approach, also known as a Stepped Model of Care.

Access the Primary Mental Health Support Services Brochure to learn more about these programs!

For further resources, please view the Murray PHN website.

What is a Stepped Model of Care?

The Stepped Care model is a person-centered approach, meaning that the care provided to a person is targeted to their most current needs and not a one size fits all approach.The Model aims to increase prevention through providing access to evidence based information, advice and self-help resources. It also works to delivering early intervention where needs are addressed early, rather than waiting until require more intensive treatment is required. This means, that patients referred into the new programs will have matched care.

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Services available

1. Central Intake, Triage and Allocations

Central intake, triage and allocation of services will be via the APMH Alliance Central Intake line on 1300 514 811. GP are expected to contact this line while with the patient for the available services below. For more information about this process, please scroll down to the 'How do I refer?' section.

2. Psychological Therapy Services (PTS)

PTS provides free short term face-to-face psychological services to eligible clients who have been identified as underserviced and/or hard to reach.

This service targets;

- Low need - mild presentations - (high prevalent disorders): requiring brief psychological interventions up to 4 sessions. These can be provided face to face, phone or skype delivered by Psychologist, Mental Health Social Workers, Mental Health Nurses and Mental Health Occupational Therapists

- ​Moderate need - moderate presentations - (high prevalent disorders) requiring medium term psychological interventions up to 8 sessions. These can be provided face to face, phone or skype delivered by Psychologist, Mental Health Social Workers, Mental Health Nurses and Mental Health Occupational Therapists

3. Primary Mental Health Clinical Care Coordination (PMH-CCC):

PMH-CCC provides free therapeutic interventions and coordination of clinical services for eligible clients with severe and persistent mental illness.

This service targets;

- Moderate episodic disorders - (low prevalent disorders) requiring assertive support 15 sessions with a team approach. Delivered by Cred Mental Health Nurses and Care Coordinator.

- Complex, enduring and severe - (low prevalent disorders) requiring longer term assertive support of up to 30 sessions with a team approach over a year. Delivered by Credentialed Mental Health Nurses and Care Coordinator.

Areas of service

Goulburn Valley Regions; - Greater Shepparton, Strathbogie, Murrindindi and Mitchell Shires.

North East Regions; - Albury/Wodonga, Alpine, Wangaratta, Benalla, Mansfield and Indigo Shires.


Patients who are considered low income, living in rural locations, CALD (new settlers), Aboriginal &/or Torres Strait, homeless or those at risk of homelessness are eligible to receive services.

APMH Alliance will also be delivering Children’s Mental Health Services in the Goulburn Valley Region. ​

How do I refer?

Referral involves three steps;

1.  Complete the newly updated GP mental health treatment plan.

 Go to GP Templates and Communication to access these file for your general practice software (instructions are also accessible).

 2.  Phone the Central Intake line on 1300 514 811 whilst the patient is still with you. Here we will confirm eligibility

  • If the patient is eligible, we will gather some quick information to ascertain which step the patient is best suited, any anticipated waiting time and recommendation / treatment options available for your patient.
  • We will give you a referral ID number which will need to be noted on the GP mental health treatment plan.
  • We will provide both you and the patient with relevant information to ensure their referral is streamlined, supported and seamless.
  • For the treating GP, you will have confidence that the patient is connected into the right service, and advice for ongoing support and any follow up you will need to implement as a result.
  • This is where we establish our team approach with you.
  • If the patient is not eligible, we will provide you with referral options that are best suited for your patient.

 3.  Fax the GPMHTP and consent form to the Central Intake line on 03 9376 0317


Murray PHN (GV & NE) GP referral process map

For out of hours referrals;

The GPMHTP must be fully completed with consent signed. This can be faxed directly to APMH Central Intake on 03 9376 0317.  APMHA intake team will contact the patient directly to finalise eligibility, readiness for engagement in therapy and preferred mode of approach. We will then fax a confirmation back to the referring GP outlining what has been finalised with the patient. ​

Practice information sessions / familiarisation webinars

APMHA will be delivering initial webinars to support GPs, and practice staff to become "familiar" with the new mental health programs and national reform that is being implemented in the Murray PHN region and nationally.

Please follow this link to register to participate in the Familiarisation Training

Important points:

Please remember;
  • Referrals for mental health services under this program are to be processed by phoning the 1300 number whilst the patient is in the consultation.
  • The Intake and Triage phone call will take approximately 3 minutes.
  • The Intake and Triage line will open on 5th March.
  • Hours of operation are 9am - 5pm.
  • Contact number is 1300 514 811
  • Fax number is: 03 9376 0317
  • The GPMHTP (including signed consent) and K10+ are to be faxed to 03 9376 0317 with the Referral PIN noted
  • The client will be sent a confirmation either by letter or via SMS (or through our 3rd party app on their smart phone)

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