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Central and Eastern Sydney PHN has commissioned APMHA to deliver the Psycological Support Services.

Access the PSS Brochure to learn more about this program!

For further resources, please view the Central and Eastern Sydney PHN website.

Services available

Psychological Support Services (PSS)

PSS provides free short term face-to-face psychological services to populations who have been identified as underserviced and/or hard to reach.

Services are delivered by appropriately trained and qualified mental health professionals and operates within a stepped care model promoting person centred care, targeting the needs of the individual.

This service targets;

People experiencing Mild to Moderate mental health concerns, who may benefit from short term treatment. Clients are provided with face to face support delivered by Psychologist, Mental Health Social Workers, Mental Health Nurses and Mental Health Occupational Therapists.

For other mental health support programs in the CESPHN region, please go to the Cental and Eastern Sydney PHN's website

Here you can also access a list of PSS registered mental health professionals available under PSS.


PSS is for people who live, work or go to school in the Central and Eastern Sydney region with a diagnosable mild to moderate mental illness, who may benefit from short term treatment, are unable to access other available services including Better Access (Medicare subsidised psychological services) and who fit into one of the below underserviced and/or hard to reach populations:

  1. Children (0-12 years and under) with, or who are at risk of developing a mild to moderate, mental, emotional or behavioural disorder
  2. Young people (12-25 years)
  3. Women experiencing prenatal or postnatal depression
  4. People who identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander
  5. People from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds
  6. People who have attempted, or who are at risk of suicide, or self-harm
  7. Other underserviced groups, including:
    o Adults who are unable to access other available services, including Better Access
    o Adults who are, or are at risk of becoming homeless
    o Adults living within the follow Local Government Areas that have been identified as experiencing high levels of psychological distress and/or low access to psychological services: Bayside, Georges River, Canterbury City and Strathfield
    People with severe mental illness who may benefit from short term focused psychological intervention as part of their overall care and people with Intellectual disability who may benefit from short term psychological intervention when co-occurring mental illness is diagnosed, may also be eligible for PSS.

PSS is a complementary program to Better Access (Medicare subsidised psychological services); GPs will decide whether to refer a patient to Better Access or to PSS. Individuals should only be referred to one of these programs in any calendar year.



How do I refer?

Referral pathway & process

1. Combined referrals and mental health treatment plans (including K10+) are to be completed with the patient and faxed;  

Central Intake and Triage Team

P: 1300 170 554 E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fax referrals to 1300 112 489

2. Referrals are triaged, allocated to an appropriate PSS registered mental health professional and GPs are advised of the outcome via e-mail.

3. Patient is contacted by allocated mental health professional and sessions can commence.

Please note: Should a referral be declined GPs will receive communication from the Central Intake and Triage Team with a reason as to why the referral is not appropriate for PSS an alternate referral pathways will be recommended.

Provisional referrals (non-GP)

A provisional referral allows for a certain number of sessions to be approved for an assessment with a PSS registered mental health professional prior to development of a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan.

Should sessions continue after the provisional session(s) have been completed, the client will need to see their GP for an initial PSS referral and Mental Health Treatment Plan before further sessions can be approved.

Provisional referrals should be completed electronically via CESPHN's Provisional Referral Form

For support, please contact the CESPHN Central Intake and Triage Team on 1300 170 554

For further resources and information about provisional referrals, please view the Central and Eastern Sydney PHN website

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