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Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention

Drinking alcohol in excess or binge drinking is a common problem in our communities, yet it often goes undetected until serious alcohol related harms occur.  Alcohol screening and brief interventions have been widely demonstrated in their effectiveness and are supported by legislation, however many primary care settings have been unable to successfully introduce screening and brief interventions as a routine practice.

APMHA have been working with primary health care settings to identify the issues surrounding current screening and brief intervention practice to develop a suite of resources to support improvement. Asking someone about their alcohol use is of course the first step, but raising awareness through offering information, doing an AUDIT of the person’s alcohol intake and offering short, brief interventions can provide ongoing support that assists in changing current drinking culture and behaviours.

These 3 simple questions could help you start a conversation about alcohol use:


How often do you drink alcohol?


How many drinks would you have when you are drinking?


How often would you have more than 3 drinks?


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