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Drinking alcohol in excess or binge drinking is a common problem in our communities, yet it often goes undetected until serious alcohol related harms occur. While alcohol affects each of us in different ways, regular drinking to excess can cause both short and long term problems for the drinker and their family and friends.

To reduce potential alcohol-related harms, alcohol screening and brief intervention strategies such as the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) are regularly used in general practice and primary health. The AUDIT is a simple method of screening for excessive drinking and can help your doctor or nurse identify your specific health needs in relation to alcohol consumption. The AUDIT tool has shown to be widely effective and is supported by Australian and international legislation.

If you are interested in finding if your alcohol consumption is exsessive or potenitally causing you harm speak to your doctor or nurse about completing the AUDIT today!

While this test is particularly designed for health professional, this AUDIT can be self-administered. If your interested in completing a self-administered AUDIT, Click the button below to download a copy!


What can you do?

  If you feel like you are experiencing problems related to your drinking;

  • Talk to your doctor or nurse to see if you are at risk of alcohol related harms
  • Complete a self-administered AUDIT tool or ask your healthproessional to complete one with you
  • Monitor your alcohol intake (with your doctor or with an Alcohol Calculator Tool
  • Impliment the strategies your health professional advises
  • See a specialist if advised by your doctor

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